Most restaurant owners are creative people— after all, to manage even the simplest restaurant, you have to be!  But even the most innovative, resourceful individuals can run into obstacles, both financial and otherwise.  Of course, everyone does— we’re defined by how we choose to deal with these problems when they come.  When the problem is short-term cash flow, Atlantis Capital can help.

restaurant financing


Most restaurant owners and entrepreneurs seeking capital try to get a traditional loan product, such as that offered by a bank.  There’s no guarantee such a loan will ever come through, and the only certainty is that the process will be a time- and energy-consuming, lengthy process which involves an in-depth and intensive review of your credit history, financial statements, tax returns, and everything else having to do with the operation and maintenance of your business.

At Atlantis Capital, we know that sometimes you can’t just sit on your hands and wait for a loan to be approved for your restaurant— if indeed the loan is approved at all!

Here, our business is offering you certainty you can keep running and expanding yours— if you can’t grow, neither can we.  We want you to be successful and to grow as a business.  To that end, we offer excellent, innovative financial services products which can put cash into your restaurant’s business account, right away.


You can put this money toward employing more people (or keeping the ones you already have), buying additional equipment, remodeling or renovation of the businesses’ structure, or anything else you can imagine; the possibilities are endless.  Here at Atlantis Capital, we don’t need to see your business plan, your tax returns, your financial statements, or the other documents you’ll have to dig out when your business is assessed for loan suitability by a bank or other lending institution.

You’ll be able to use the cash you get from Atlantis Capital to:

FINISH that remodeling you’ve been putting off, giving your business a whole new look and feel to better match your vision;

EMPLOY the best workers in your community to make sure the jobs in your restaurant are done reliably, inexpensively (done right the first time is always inexpensive), and well;

MARKET your business to the surrounding community using the most efficient methods possible,

and have PEACE OF MIND that a solid amount of security in your bank account can bring.  There’s nothing like it!

Further, what Atlantis Capital offers is not a loan; it’s a sale of a service paid back by a portion of your future business!  Therefore, it’s something you can plan for, but even more importantly, you don’t need to pay some minimum balance every month, or anything like that!  If business is slow, the rate at which we’ll be paid back will be slower.  When your business picks up again, you’ll have the knowledge that you’ll be back to 100% even sooner.  Giving you and your employees the capital you need to feel secure in an uncertain business is why we’re here.  Thanks for choosing Atlantis Capital!


Ordinary bank loans work through a lengthy, esoteric process which can take months.  Atlantis Capital’s services aren’t loans at all—they are sales of small, consistent portions of your future business.  After you fill out the simple form and contact a representative, your business is quickly and expertly assessed by our trained staff members, and we determine how much money we can give you.  Once you get back to ‘business as usual,’ a certain percentage of either your gross receipts (in the case of our Bank-Only ACH Transfer product) or your credit card deposits and sales (in the case of our popular Merchant Cash Advance) is deducted and used to pay back the money.  Once all the funds are paid back, your business is up to 100% again.  It’s that simple.


Atlantis Capital can fund your company (or collection of locations, under umbrella financing) up to five million dollars in cash in exchange for a set, discrete proportion of the future profits.


At Atlantis Capital, we love to see familiar faces.  And we often do—a substantial amount of our business comes from repeat clients.  We’re happy to cater to the cyclic needs of your bar or restaurant, and we’re open to providing more capital as you need it.  Just ask when you need more—we’ll be there.

What’s Next?

With Atlantis Capital, the next step is easy and very straightforward!  Simply download and fill out our online application form, and send it back to us via email with your last four months of business bank statements or merchant processing statements for a fast response.  Our specialists will immediately reply with the best options available for your business in terms of a merchant cash advance or other financial product which fits the exact needs of your business.  It’s that simple!

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