Do you know Merchant cash advances are getting  popular among business owners for the last couple of years?

Founded in 2009, Atlantis  Capital hit the $5 billion funding mark in 2012. Atlantis Capital now looking forward to fund $10 billion within 2014.

In July, a study by MultiFunding LLC, a Pennsylvania start-up that helps small business to get finance, found quite 1/2 of the 230 small businesses it analyzed weren’t qualified for transitional bank loans and would wish to go for alternative sources, like business cash advances, factorization and unsecured lines of credit. Several of those businesses would face charges of quite twenty third in annual interest and charges.

So if you are not qualified for bank loans or you need quick capital for your business; we are here to help you! Atlantis Capital funds almost every states in USA.

If you are from one of these US states; you are eligible to apply for your merchant cash advance without any obligations!

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Atlantis Capital LLC has been taking advantage of this distinctive founding product for the past 5 years to help with money, to fund renovations & expansions and to get instrumentality & inventory.

Atlantis Capital LLC is currently providing this merchant cash advance to Canadian merchants. The funds are a unit based mostly of your future credit and/or open-end credit process sales and area unit generally offered in as quick as ten days.

fund in canada

With a merchant cash advance, you’re not receiving a loan and so there’s no rate of interest. Instead you are selling your future credit card sales at a reduced and receiving money up front. The discount rate varies based mostly your business’s overall monetary stability.

The compensation of the merchant cash advance is extraordinarily fascinating to merchants as we have a tendency to get paid back a tiny low share of the daily credit card or cash transactions; if you have got a slower month therefore will we and contrariwise.

We can offer Canadian businesses like restaurants, retail stores, hair salons, motorcar repair retailers, medical practices, etc. With up to $1 Million!

To know how much your business qualifies for or to get further information please contact us:

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