Gift stores, like many other seasonal businesses, are perceived by banks as being high-risk enterprises in regards to loans.  Fortunately, there are still ways to safely, securely get capital with which to confront tough times or to expand one’s business, even in the off-season.

With Atlantis Capital, now a Gift Store owner such as yourself can leverage the highly profitable future business of your company to get valuable cash now, without putting up any of your property or having to apply for a loan from a bank or other lending institution.  It’s clear that having money on hand gives more freedom to your business; it can be used to hire more personnel, buy supplies, or expand and renovate your location.

funding option for gift shops


Most Banks and cash advance companies do not want to fund gift stores for its seasonal nature. Some cash advance and lenders offer very limited and low approval which do not fulfil the needs of the business. Gift store owners need extra funds in their slow season and other times of the year as well. Atlantis Capital has the best funding program for gift shop owners.


Though Gift Stores are considered as seasonal business, it overall a profitable business. Whereas, most cash advance companies consider it as high risk and do not want to fund., we at Atlantis Capital, understand the cash flow of this kind of businesses inside out and we are glad to fund this category of industry despite retail or whole nature of the business.


If you are in business only for at least for four months and have been processing credit cards at least $3000 per month and/or if your monthly bank deposits are more than $15,000, we will be able to fund your business within 72 hours. We need only the last four months of your complete business bank statements and/or your last four months of complete merchant processing statements along with our signed application to approve you within 24 hours.


We can fund up to $5 million dollars as cash advance or loan alternatives to your gift store business depending on your business bank statements and or merchant processing statements. If you have multiple locations, we can fund all the locations under an umbrella financing. Your funds will be wired to your business checking account within 72 hours time frame.


As a gift store owner, you may need funds again and again for various kinds of business expansion, working capital or other reasons. Here is the good news for you. We at Atlantis Capital will provide you funds as many rounds (renewals) as you want in upcoming months or years .It is something like a “Revolving credit”! But, actually, it is much better than revolving credit! Because, we will keep funding your business more and more funds compared to initial advance in the course of time. You never have to go back to your local bank again. Say “Good bye” to them. Gift store owners like other small business owners usually take business finance from us around 3/4 times per fiscal year!

What’s next?

Just download our application and fill it in and send us your last four months of business bank statements and /or last four months of merchant processing statements along with the signed application. We will approve you and offer you multiple options of business advances in respect of amount and terms for your furniture business.

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