At Atlantis Capital, we know how hard it is to run a business.  For a salon or spa owner, the future can be even more difficult— although your business type is a great one when done right, the upkeep required to get the right location, pay rent on it, get new equipment, and buy new supplies can be draining.  We know, too, that banks and other lending institutions regard salons and spas as high risk investments, completely ignoring the lucrative opportunities in the industry.

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We believe in you and want your business to succeed.  That’s why Atlantis Capital established itself as a dedicated specialist financial services company which is focused on giving you and your business the capital it needs to maintain itself, to expand, and to innovate.


Many businesses nationwide are hard-hit by the recession–although everyone needs your services, it seems that new regular clients are harder and harder to come by, while the costs of doing business continue to accumulate. Although banks are hesitant to loan out funds to cover the needs of small- to medium-sized firms, the need for loans and for capital to facilitate your business is greater than ever.


Even if banks are prepared to loan to a to medium-sized business, a long time can be taken by the approval process to achieve your final phase, and it’s possible your business situation might have increased alone or deteriorated by that time. Our loan option services and products, nevertheless, work to place money in your consideration rapidly. For this end, Atlantis Capital is just a company which focuses on speed: speed of evaluation of your company to find out viability, speed of service throughout the question-and-answer procedure, and, last but most certainly not least, on placing the cash we provide you with into your banking account rapidly. There’s an easy form to complete, and then when you need them, you might be a day or less from the resources you need, you’re in your way–in 3 minutes. Our Merchant Cash Advance and Bank-Only ACH applications provide quickly, trusted, devoted loan options which will help your company continue steadily to provide high-quality solutions and enhance its price. On top of that, your companies’ credit score is never looked over for the acceptance procedure! As an alternative, our pleasant, professional, devoted associates rapidly evaluate important measurements and information about your company and decide (usually within seconds or perhaps a few hours) how much cash Atlantis Capital can provide you as a swap for a carefully balanced, customized proportion of one’s potential income.


An ordinary bank loan is simply that–a loan. There’s a minimum cost each month to stay, in addition to strict requirements to get the profit the first place. With the cash Atlantis Capital offers, the organization buys a number of your practice’s potential business. Even yet in the world of business, this really is a thing that could be depended upon. As you will get as much as $5 Million pounds based on your bank statements and/or vendor control statements, a nielsthomas1 or saloon operator.


Every business requires a periodic increase of capital–sometimes, given the cyclical character of business in today’s modern world, it’s obvious that repeated infusions of money are occasionally required. Atlantis Capital can offer this, in ways which doesn’t place all of your resources at risk.You can get restoration if you repay 50% of the first progress.

What’s the next step?

With Atlantis Capital, the next phase is quite simple and easy! Merely down load and complete our on the web form, and send it back once again to us via e-mail together with your last four weeks of organization bank statements or vendor running statements for a quick reaction. Our professionals may instantly respond with the very best possibilities for your business in terms of a business cash loan and other financial product which matches the precise requirements of one’s business. It’s that easy!

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