Franchise businesses offer much of the security of a recognized brand, with the structure that brand affords. Many different kinds of businesses are franchised–electronics stores, restaurants, sporting goods stores, and more.

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Every franchisee knows that it takes work to succeed, even with a model that’s worked before. Every operating environment is a little different, and sometimes even the best business owner needs a little extra capital to make the right decisions or to seize the right opportunities at the right time. In fact, it could be argued that knowing when you need extra capital is what makes a great business owner great.


Franchised businesses are easy models for us to fund; Atlantis Capital boasts of more than a 95% approval rating for franchised businesses. We’ll be delighted to help you, as well.


If your franchise has been operational for at least 120 days, and is making at least $15,000 in gross receipts every month (and/or more than $3,000 in credit card sales), then Atlantis Capital can generally approve funds for your business within three days.


Atlantis Capital can fund up to five million dollars as a cash advance (dependent on throughput); if you’re responsible for multiple locations and would like an influx of funds applicable to all of them, we can fund them all through one of our umbrella financing programs. The money will be electronically wired to your business account within 72 hours of program approval.


It’s understood every business needs money now and again. Furthermore, it’s only natural that some of our clients are repeat clients. In fact, the majority of our healthiest and most stable clients are repeat customers; we’re delighted to have the opportunity to help them on their way to continued success.

What’s The next Step?

With Atlantis Capital, the next step is easy and very straightforward! Simply download and fill out our online application form, and send it back to us via email with your last four months of business bank statements or merchant processing statements for a fast response. Our specialists will immediately reply with the best options available for your business in terms of a merchant cash advance or other financial product which fits the exact needs of your business. It’s that simple!

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