Frequently Asked Questions

Please read below to get the answers of commonly asked questions to us. If you do not find any answer of your question, feel free to contact us.

1. Who is eligible for Merchant Cash Advance?

You will be amazed to know that if you are just four months in business, you are eligible to get business funding from us. In some cases, we even consider business funding applications from owners who are just two months in the game. You are qualified to get business finance from us if you accept credit cards as a form of payment (MCA in Credit Card program) or cash/checks/bank wire transfer (MCA in ACH program) or both. If you process a minimum of $3000 dollars  a month in credit card sales or you deposit at least $10,000 per month to your business account, you are welcome to get funds from us.

2. How Can I  apply for Merchant Cash Advance or loan alternatives?

We have developed a very simple and super fast process to get you approved! Just fill out the application online and one of our sales representative will contact you within 24 hours.

3. How much funds can I get?

Depending on your business’s  monthly credit card sales or monthly bank deposits, we are now offering from $1500 to $5 Million dollars  with 72 hours time frame.

4. How fast can I get approval?

We generally approve business funding within 24 hours. And we fund our clients within 72 hours time frame.

5.  How can I speed up my merchant cash advance/loan alternatives application?

You can download the application from website and fill it in completely and send us via fax or email with your last four months of bank statements (all pages) and last four months of merchant processing statements (all pages)  to get  super fast approval and funding.

6.  What if I do not accept credit cards at my business?

We love to fund business owners who do not accept credit cards (or accepts occasionally or  very less) thru our most popular Bank Only ACH program and loan alternatives program. You can get from $1500 to $5 Million dollars depending on your monthly  cash flow in business.

7. Will bad credit affect my unsecured cash advance request?

Our programs are not credit driven at all. It is not necessary  for you to have good credit to receive merchant  cash advance from us. A poor credit rating, including delinquencies, won’t normally influence our funding decision of merchant cash advance or loan alternatives.

8. Is there any upfront fee?

We  never charge any upfront fee, application fee or  hidden fee. We do all due diligence from our own expenses.

9.  How does the merchant cash advance or loan alternatives get repaid?

We get paid basically in two methods .In  Merchant Cash Advance in CC program, we collect a discounted portion of your business’s future credit and debit card sales whereas in Merchant Cash Advance in ACH program or Loan Alternatives, we  collect a fixed amount ( agreed upon) daily or weekly until  get paid the flat and fixed payback amount.

10.  Do I have to switch my current credit card processor?

No. We can fund you in Merchant cash Advance in Credit Card program without switching your processor. However, if you want to switch your processor for any reason, we have our own processors which will beat your current processor’s price and offer you the best price and customer support possible. Thus, we will save your hard working money.

11. Can I receive financing from Atlantis Capital  while the financing from another company is still outstanding?

Yes, but we must pay off any outstanding cash advances out of our first advance to you. You will receive all remaining proceeds. You qualify when you have already paid at least 50% of the first cash advance amount to the existing advance company.

12. What is the renewal process of  Merchant Cash Advance or loan alternatives?

Our renewal process is very simple and straight forward. Once you pay back 50% of the initial payback amount, we will automatically renew you for the second round and so on. You can get as many rounds of  renewal s as you want.