Are you an automotive shop owner? Have you ever tried to take loans from a bank for your auto repair shop? Unfortunately, most banks and other conventional lending sources all over the country often turn down small amount loan requests for auto repair shops. Most of the times the borrower’s credit is good and the property is sound and well-occupied. They just don’t want to handle a small loan for some unknown reason. Because of this many deserving business people do not get necessary loans in this specific industry. Atlantis Capital will work with you to close that small loan auto repair shop financing that others will not handle.

auto repair  shop financing

Auto Repair Shop Financing : An Alternative to Bank Lending

In the automotive industry, having the right tools and equipment is necessary for success. However, when something becomes damaged or broken; replacing these items can be quite costly. While some may obtain almost immediate financing from banks, this often isn’t an option for smaller business owners. However, there is a solution to this problem with the automotive-small business loan. Unlike the traditional lenders, you won’t be turned down or subjected to the ridiculous demands of credit approval.

How It Works

This particular lending program is nothing like the ones offered at the bank. You don’t need sparkling credit or even collateral. In some cases, banks will even deny these individuals credit! Rather, the process is similar to that of a cash advance. Regardless of past credit history, you may be eligible to take advantage of this type of automotive small business loan and Financing option. Payment arrangements are not only flexible, but quite affordable as well. the automated system helps keep the business on track by ensuring a payment is never overlooked or late.

Application Process

As with any type of funding, you must apply for it. Although this will entail providing some financial information, the whole entire history and years of taxes and statements isn’t needed. However, you won’t have to wait days or weeks bet ore knowing if the application is approved. In most cases, it takes as little as twenty-four hours and the funds are received within seven days. This offers a real advantage because many shop owners cannot afford to wait around to get the needed tools and equipment that keeps their business thriving.

Loan Amount

The equipment, accessories and other must-haves to keep an automotive business running can be expensive. This is why the loan amounts are so generous. As a matter of fact businesses can borrow all the way up to $5 Million dollars, unsecured. This helps to eliminate the possibility of going nearly bankrupt by taking the expenses associated with the business out-of-pocket. Whether the need is equipment, supplies or anything else for the automotive shop. this can run into some money. many owners simply do not have this kind of cash on-hand. Rather than ‘waiting for a denial from the bank. there is another option. The small business cash advance can provide owners with the funds that they need in little to no lime. Filling out the short application form can help get the process started and essentially get the business back on track.


Sometimes businesses will need some extra funding, or would like to expand with their business’ growing demand. We are delighted to have repeat clients, as we enjoy watching your business continue to grow, expand and succeed as time goes on.

What’s next

With Atlantis Capital, the next step is easy and very straightforward!  Simply download and fill out our online application form, and send it back to us via email with your last four months of business bank statements or merchant processing statements for a fast response.  Our specialists will immediately reply with the best options available for your business in terms of a merchant cash advance or other financial product which fits the exact needs of your business.  It’s that simple!