Whether you own your vehicles outright, lease them, or run your business another way, there’s nothing quite so exhilarating as running your own taxi or limousine company.  This type of business can be an excellent investment; with the right kinds of consistent clients, it can be enormously profitable as well.  However, the business also has a cyclical nature (like many entrepreneurial ventures), and can have slow periods as well.  With access to capital, of course, slow periods aren’t a danger to your business.  Unfortunately, many banks and other lending institutions are refraining from giving businesses of this type a chance to get a loan—with rising vehicle maintenance and permit costs, and with fuel prices skyrocketing, it’s small wonder.  Fortunately, Atlantis Capital is here to help bolster your company’s bottom line with a careful application of capital that will insulate it from the most savage of economic downturns.  With the right planning and organization, your business will not only survive without fear, it will thrive readily.  Atlantis Capital is ready to assist your limousine business in that regard, as well: multiple locations are covered under our umbrella financing guidelines.

Limousine Business


Banks and other conventional lending institutions can take long months to come to a decision about a loan application, and it might be ‘no.’  Atlantis Capital, however, can fund your business with up to five million dollars in liquid capital which can be used to invest, expand, retain your holdings, or to diversify your business into a new market or by targeting a new demographic.  No collateral is ever required, and our approval process is quick and easy.  We know how to get you money fast, so you don’t need to spend your precious time doing anything other than thinking about how to properly work with your new capital to insure long-term growth of your company.


There are a variety of non-loan financial instruments which Atlantis Capital can offer your company in order to make sure that we get cash into your bank accounts quickly and efficiently.  The most common of these is our Merchant Cash Advance service: it’s fast and easy.  At Atlantis Capital, we survey your business quickly using our fast, simple online application, and then one of our application specialists goes through the documents provided and gives you an immediate or near-immediate assessment.  For the Merchant Cash Advance service, we know that the best thing to do is to buy some of your future credit card business.  That way, your limousine company gets the money it needs right away—cash it can use to update insurance, put more vehicles on the road, change or shift garage locations, conduct necessary maintenance or repairs, hire personnel, get needed equipment, or swap out some of the vehicles.  These practices are absolutely invaluable when it comes to establishing a strong showing as the owner of a limousine company.

If your company doesn’t do much business by credit card, do not worry.  There are a number of other products which are used by Atlantis Capital which do not involve Merchant Cash Advances through credit cards.  The most common of these alternatives is the Bank-Only ACH Transfer, which is explained in detail  Bank-only Ach section.


Limousine companies eat money.  We know it, and you know it—this in particular is a business where you “need money to make money.”  Fortunately, there is help.  Atlantis Capital can fund your business up to five million dollars without loaning it anything.  This means no minimum monthly payments, no collateral, and no credit checks.  All in all this is an outstanding, highly advantageous situation for your business—just speak to our friendly representatives and we’ll help find a financial services solution that’s right for you; we’re often able to implement the disbursal of funds within a scant 72 hours.  Now that’s fast!


We know that limousine companies sometimes have a cyclical business model; in other cases, a business such as this may simply need a quantity of money repeatedly and over time.  Fortunately, this is a situation which Atlantis Capital has direct experience with!  Simply put, many of our clients in your position need to get an influx of money from Atlantis Capital through one of our innovative financial services products more than twice a year.  Done properly, this is sustainable, secure, and provides the business in question with the capital they need.  We’re delighted to have the wonderful opportunity to help you.

What’s Next?

With Atlantis Capital, the next step is easy and very straightforward!  Simply download and fill out our online application form, and send it back to us via email with your last four months of business bank statements or merchant processing statements for a fast response.  Our specialists will immediately reply with the best options available for your business in terms of a merchant cash advance or other financial product which fits the exact needs of your business.  It’s that simple!

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