If your business is having difficulty obtaining a traditional loan, whether it be because you are a new business just starting out or your business had gone through difficulty due to the economy, then asset based financing may be the perfect option to get your business the chance for growth that it deserves.

Asset based financing

Asset based financing is a process in which the asset that your business needs to purchase, such as a piece of equipment, land, or stock, is used as collateral for the loan. One of the advantages to utilizing asset based financing is that the quality of the item being purchased is what is important rather than the financial backing of the business. Because the item itself is being used as collateral, it does not matter if your business does not have a perfect financial record, what matters is the ease in which the item can be sold off if the borrower happens to default. Asset based financing will allow your business to get the piece of equipment it needs in order to make forward motion, or it will allow you to make much needed upgrades on equipment that may be old, outdated, but still extremely necessary for the operation of your business. Our application process is quick and easy and can get you what your business needs quickly. If your business needs a piece of equipment or inventory in order to see growth, but does not have the financial backing to make this purchase, give Atlantis Capital a call and speak with us about asset based financing.