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Merchant Cash Advance – Alternate way for business financing

Atlantis Capital is a company which offers financial services that facilitates tiny and medium business to access money to finance their operations. We clearly understand that business is valuable and at all time it needs a smooth and steady cash flow to keep it running.

If you are in need of urgent and quick cash for your business, do not hesitate, come to us, we will make sure that you get it as quickly as possible to help you run the business smoothly. If the banks and other financial institution are not willing to help you out at the hour of need, do not panic or get frustrated, there is a financial partner who is ready to get you out of that situation. Just approach us and we will advance you the needed cash to meet your financial obligations. Merchant Cash Advance at your finger tips! Act smart, apply now. Call now at 1-877-364-5227 and talk to us!

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What is merchant cash advance

If you are in the process of starting up a business or expanding your current store and banks have been reluctant to give you the much needed cash, Merchant Cash Advance is the solution you need to realize your dreams. With this special type of business loan acquiring money to meet your financial obligation is easy. There is no collateral needed, you only present yourself to a financial institution which deals with this kind of financing and the process of getting the much needed funds starts.

Advantages of our business loan

  • No Personal guarantee
  • No collateral
  • No Fixed payment schedule
  • No application fee, No Upfront fee
  • Bad credit okay
  • Get cash advance as fast as in 72 hours
  • No interest
  • Won’t hurt your credit report
  • Approval rate is 95% within 24 hours
  • No financials or tax return required
  • Building business credit
  • Funding all 50 States of USA

Where you can utilize this money

  • Restaurant Financing
  • Auto Repair Shop Financing
  • Beauty Salon & Spa Financing
  • Bars & Night club financing
  • Medical Financing
  • Liquor Store Financing
  • Small Business Loan
  • Bad Credit Business Loan
  • and 20 more industries!

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What makes us unique?

Lower Rates 40%
Approval rate 90%
Client Satisfaction 99%
Client Referral Rate 80%


  • FUNDED $100,000

    “Atlantis Capital provided great service and overall it was a wonderful experience. Their concept of cash flow management is unique and outstanding. My funding specialist was courteous and prompt, and made sure I was really comfortable with the terms & conditions. They made getting a loan so incredibly easy, fast and simple-I knew I was making the right decision. I highly recommend Atlantis Capital to business owners who are searching for financing-the process couldn't have been smoother.”

    Michael K.
    President, Winter Ventures Inc, Pennsylvania
  • FUNDED $25,000

    “In these tough economic times it is even tougher for restaurants to get a straightforward loans from banks & credit unions. After exchanging dozens of phone calls & emails from other lenders I was recommended to Mr. Alan Rahman through a friend. From the first conversation I had with Mr. Alan, I knew I was talking to someone who knows how to thread the needle in terms of unsecured loan. It was a very smooth professional reciprocation from Mr. Alan & the whole process took about 5 to 7 business days .Everything was upfront & As per the conversation. I would highly recommend all restaurant owners to call Mr. Alan Rahman of Atlantis Capital ,You will be glad you did.”

    Raza W.
    Owner, Diba foods LLC, Rhode Island.
  • FUNDED $10,000

    “Thank you for your help. It definitely pushed us forward! We are definitely happy that we made the decision to use your funding to help our company grow.”

    Karina L.
    Owner, Hay Now Colorado LLC, Colorado
  • FUNDED $185,000

    My business is to import and wholesale T-shirts. I have been in this business for over four years and I was looking for working capital for short period of time. But unfortunately, I didn't get any reliable source to get funds as working capital. However, I have been introduced to Atlantis Capital through one of my friends. I was amazed to know that they were ready to fund me without any collateral or personal guarantee up to $5 million dollars depending on my monthly bank deposits! My account executive was very helpful & professional and guided me to get the desired funds within days. He answered all my phone calls and replied all my emails regarding this cash advance. The most important aspect of this company is that they really can lend “big amounts” as unsecured cash advance. It’s always hard for a small business to get bank loans. Atlantis Capital provided me with the support I needed just when I needed it.

    Sarder H.
    CEO, Big Apple International Inc, New Jersey
  • FUNDED $22,000

    “Being an owner of a HVAC repair and installation business in Florida, I always need working capital during slow and pick seasons of my business. Till today, I have taken three cash advances from Atlantis Capital , LLC. There are lots of business financing companies out there, but I feel comfortable working with this company. They are very helpful, informative and above all , honest. They never charge any upfront fee and they always keep their commitments. I always wish them success !”

    Jorge R.
    Owner, Fast Cooling Corp, Florida