If you run a small or mid-sized business, then you know that there’s nothing worse than getting a big order that you don’t have the resources to fill because of the out-of-pocket expense.  Not only do you lose business, your company’s reputation in the market can be damaged, which is in many ways worse than the fact that the lucrative order goes to one of your hungry competitors.

Atlantis Capital can help expand your reach.

We have experience helping others in your situation, and we can help you.  How does purchase order funding work?

Purchase order

It’s simple.  This kind of financing involves our analysts quickly and expertly reviewing your order, and then deciding to give you money up front to fund it.  This can be a significant portion of your business order, or all of it.  The discretion of fulfillment is ultimately up to Atlantis Capital.  However we choose to assist you, we make our money from various fees attached to the advance.

This is much easier to implement than bank funding, a loan of any kind, or other financial instruments.  Further, it can drastically expand a small company’s reach and ability to handle large orders.

Please call us now and one of experienced sales associate will be happy to help you to get your desired funds.