Atlantis Capital offers  business loans to business owners who do not have any credit at all but have required cash flow in their businesses. In fact, we are one of the top financing companies in USA which encourages business owners to get this sort of business loan alternatives. We have funded hundreds of businesses all over USA with no credit at all. Because, we believe in you and your business’s cash flow rather than some impressive numbers from credit bureau!

no credit business loan

Business Loans for No Credit

Here at Atlantis Capital, we love to take risk on you. We know that traditional lending sources won’t offer you any finance, so we want to fund you depending on your cash flow in your business without  spending a minute in checking your or your business your credit. This is an unique opportunity to build business credit with us as well as fulfil your financial needs whenever you need.


Even if banks are prepared to loan to a small to medium-sized business, a long time can be taken by the approval process to achieve your final phase, and it’s feasible your business scenario might have enhanced alone or deteriorated by that time. Our loan option services and products, nevertheless, function to place money in your consideration rapidly. For this conclusion, Atlantis Capital is just a company which concentrates on speed: speed of evaluation of your company to find out viability, speed of support throughout the question-and-answer procedure, and, last but most certainly not least, on placing the cash we provide you with into your banking account rapidly. There’s an easy type to complete, and then when you need them, you might be a time or less from the resources you need, you’re in your way–in 3 minutes. Our Merchant Cash Advance and Bank-Only ACH applications provide quick, dependable, devoted loan options which will help your company continue steadily to supply high-quality solutions and improve its worth. On top of that, your companies’ credit score is never looked over for the acceptance procedure! As an alternative, our pleasant, expert, devoted reps rapidly evaluate crucial analytics and information about your company and decide (frequently within seconds or perhaps a few hours) how much cash Atlantis Capital can provide you as a swap for a vigilantly well-balanced, customized proportion of one’s potential revenue.


A normal bank loan is just that–a loan. There’s a minimum payment to settle every month, as well as stringent requirements for getting the money in the first place. With the money Atlantis Capital provides, the company buys some of your practice’s future business. Even in the uncertain world of business, this is something which can be relied upon.


Every business needs an occasional influx of capital–sometimes, given the cyclical nature of business in the modern world, it is clear that repeated infusions of cash are sometimes needed. Atlantis Capital can provide this, in a way which doesn’t place any of your assets at risk.

What’s Next?

With Atlantis Capital, the next phase is really simple and easy! Merely down load and complete our on the web form, and deliver it back once again to us via e-mail together with your last four months of business bank statements and/ or merchant processing statements for a quick reaction. Our professionals may instantly respond with the very best possibilities for your business in conditions of a vendor cash loan and other monetary item which inserts the precise requirements of one’s business. It’s that easy!