Being an entrepreneur is at once invigorating, enlightening, and more than a little scary at times.   Sometimes, every business owner needs some capital.  Minority business loans are offered to assist minority business owners and women to establish, expand and develop their businesses.  However, there are only a limited number of these programs, and they are constantly inundated with applicants.  A better alternative is to seek a Merchant Cash Advance or a Bank-Only ACH Transfer product from Atlantis Capital.  These innovative cash advance solutions are workable alternatives to depending on a loan; they bank on a percentage from your future business, and wire funds to your businesses’ bank account within three days of approval (and often, in less than 24 hours).  There are no application fees, no collateral, and payback rates you can work with.   Over 95% of applicants are approved for amounts of cash up to $250,000.

Now that’s business.  That’s Atlantis Capital.

Minority Business Cash Advance Loans


Many businesses nationwide are hard-hit by the recession–although everyone needs your services, it seems that new regular clients are harder and harder to come by, while the costs of doing business continue to accumulate. Although banks are hesitant to loan out funds to cover the needs of small- to medium-sized firms, the need for loans and for capital to facilitate your business is greater than ever.


Even when banks are willing to loan to a small- to medium-sized business, the approval process can take a long time to reach a final stage, and it is possible your business situation may have improved on its own or worsened by that time. Our loan alternative products, however, work to put money into your account quickly.  To this end, Atlantis Capital is a company which focuses on speed: speed of assessment of your company to determine suitability, speed of service during the question-and-answer process, and, lastly, on putting the money we give you into your bank account quickly. There’s a simple form to fill out, and then you’re on your way–in three minutes, you could be a day or less from the funds you need, when you need them.   Our Merchant Cash Advance and Bank-Only ACH programs offer fast, reliable, dedicated loan alternatives which can help your business increase its value and continue to provide high-quality services.  Best of all, your businesses’ credit rating is never looked at for our approval process!  Instead, our friendly, professional, dedicated representatives quickly assess key metrics and data about your business and determine (often within minutes or a few hours) how much money Atlantis Capital can give you in exchange for a carefully balanced, personalized percentage of your future sales.


A normal bank loan is just that–a loan. There’s a minimum payment to settle every month, as well as stringent requirements for getting the money in the first place. With the money Atlantis Capital provides, the company buys some of your practice’s future business. Even in the uncertain world of business, this is something which can be relied upon.


Every business needs an occasional influx of capital–sometimes, given the cyclical nature of business in the modern world, it is clear that repeated infusions of cash are sometimes needed. Atlantis Capital can provide this, in a way which doesn’t place any of your assets at risk.

What’s Next?

With Atlantis Capital, the next step is easy and very straightforward! Simply download and fill out our online application form, and send it back to us via email with your last four months of business bank statements or merchant processing statements for a fast response. Our specialists will immediately reply with the best options available for your business in terms of a merchant cash advance or other financial product which fits the exact needs of your business. It’s that simple!