If your company needs cash flow in order to keep your business running smoothly, but you are stuck waiting 30, 60, or even 90 days for your commercial or government customers to make a payment, then invoice factoring may be the perfect solution for you. Invoice factoring is a process in which a business will sell their commercial accounts receivables and receive cash for them immediately.

invoice factoring

Factoring is not the same as borrowing because rather than using the accounts for collateral, you are actually selling the accounts receivables to us. This option is great for young businesses that are just starting out, or small to medium businesses in general, that are having difficulties securing a bank loan that will provide cash flow for the periods of time in between payments from customers who have up to 90 days to pay for their service. So rather than waiting for your payments to come in, you get the convenience of immediate cash for whatever your business may need. And because we have purchased the accounts receivables from you, we put forth the time and effort that you would normally put in to collect the payment, freeing you up to put more focus and effort into your business. Our approval process is quick, easy and flexible, and we serve a great variety of businesses. If you want to give your business a head start, and get the money that is owed to you immediately, give Atlantis Capital a call today and ask us to give you more details about our invoice factoring service.