Aug 22 2013

Atlantis Capital created history by funding $150,000 in California

Atlantis Capital created history by funding $150,000 to a kitchen equipment selling company without PG in California

New York:  Atlantis Capital one of the top merchant cash advance companies located on Wall St, Manhattan, New York has funded $150,000 to retailer which sells Kitchen equipments in Mill Valley, California. The owner with several years of experience in Kitchen equipment business took cash advance from another company with a higher rate and tougher terms. He was not pleased with the advance company at all and after paid them off in full, he was looking for a lender who can fund him with his terms and at a lower rate. Due to his excellent credit and strong bank and credit card statements, many other advance/lending companies offered him funds. But he didn’t take it.

Commercial Kitchen EquipmentHe was looking for a company with which he can do business for coming many years according to his terms. Finally, thru Atlantis Capital’s renowned website, he applied and got approved within 24 hours with his terms and got funded within days. Atlantis Capital ‘s underwriter concluded “The owner was not ready to sign as personal guarantor ,but he needed $100,000+ funds for the expansion of his business. It was a very challenging deal for us since most advance companies in USA would ask personal guarantee to offer this kind of amounts as advance…we are very happy to fund him without PG and will fund him again and again without PG. We always give priority to business relationship rather than numerical numbers and paper works.”

Atlantis Capital is funding hundreds of small and mid size business owners all over USA every month with best possible rate and flexible terms. All business owners get friendly but professional treatment and guidance from the expert funding specialists of Atlantis Capital. Visit the website: and apply. Get approved in 24 hours and get the funds that is essential for your business within 72 hours

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Jul 18 2013

Check out our new website with some new features

Atlantis Capital LLC Launched a New Website to Offer People Their Merchant Cash Advance Service Conveniently

Atlantis Capital LLC has recently launched a new website to offer people their Merchant Cash Advance service in a convenient way. With the launching of this website, it will be easy for those interested people to locate the right place when they are in need of business funding. This is particularly true to those people who wish to start a business yet do not have a capital to fund it. Through the merchant cash advance service offered by this company, it will easy for many start up businesses to be funded. Since, this kind of loan service is easy and fast to get approved, particularly by Atlantis Capital, those people interested to giving capital to their business  should then check out its newly launched website.

In the past, it is really quite difficult to become qualified for a certain loan application. This instance was often experienced by most people planning to start up their business and don’t find the right place to get their business funded. Yet, even now, most businesses that require capital will still find it hard to qualify for conventional small business loans. Fortunately, there are now several financial companies that offer the service of merchant cash advance. One of the finest companies offering this kind of financial service includes Atlantis Capital LLC. With the merchant cash advance service offered by this company, it will be easy for many people to find their capital for starting their business.

Different from small business loan, the service of merchant cash advance is easy, flexible and fast to obtain. Aside from this, while the conventional small business loan demands for a collateral and personal guarantee, it is never the case when it comes to a merchant cash advance. Thanks to Atlantis Capital this service has made available to just about every individual who requires getting their startup business funded. The people behind this company are extremely willing to provide some assistance and resolve each person’s business monetary requirements.

With the use of the newly launched website, people can easily get in touch with this company. In the same way, Atlantis Capital LLC will use this website to deal with and help people all along the way from merchant cash advance application to getting funded. The company may even provide up to $5M merchant cash advance, which has the approval rate of 95%.

For more information about the newly launched website of Atlantis Capital LLC, visit at

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Jun 30 2013

Write to impress your readers

The particular news release really does be worthy amply to engage your good readers. In this article I will talk nearly doing them suited while getting somebody to try this skill tactic to clearly show what it would do for your business.

Press release
Bring a strong and as well as captivating introduction. The heading together with the press will release should capture all of the attention of any journalist and the most important media. You see, the title of the entire press release should always be short and snappy, and i really hope grab the mind of the reporter and audience, impressing them enough – make them find out on.

As a writer, I get ideas from the oddest places. The took watching your television show for me to always remember that college higher education are on cleaning up break currently. College kids tend to be all about writing, now I’m planning of what many people write. We all could write per report on the best way to write an research paper have it organised for when they were back to school. How a wide selection of of them will almost certainly be panicking on getting that sheet of paper written before finals?

Looking for the headline, an individual need to write a brief synopsis of the reduce in 125 correspondence or less. Then you scribble the body of the release even you tell with reference to the who, what, when and where of your level.

Media news release Press releases may contain a newsworthy item and be written as your announcement–not advertisement. Releases can cover up a wide large range of topics.

Merchant Cash Advance Affiliate programs should be prepared in plain vernacular so that one particular general population definitely understand. Keep explanations simple. Press releases should be in laymen terms, avoiding overly technical language online.
you’re looking to make sure you submit a press release, you are certain all the uses why they’re fundamental. However, ahead of when you can have your PR published and into the hands of journalists, bloggers and customers, you have to know how in the market to write a contract release. The goal of some sort of PR is that will ‘sell’ your ideas, but there’s a trustworthy fine line including selling effectively to sounding like an absolute sleazy used automobile salesman.

During the summary zone two to couple of sentences about one particular new product must be written this type of as when the house is or was scheduled for will release. Summary sections can create wish for to know more about your lotion.

Propel release submission website usually also offer you sample press releases which you actually can use the fact that a basis to receive your own blend. It’s advisable if you market study press releases that most were produced at companies or associations that are rival related or very same to your own. This way, you’ll have some sort of good idea together with how to go on and about relaying your information to our readers. But your press release should be unique, of course.

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Jun 28 2013

Standards For Details In Merchant Cash Advance

Masses of business owners should be struggling to receive working capital. The business elevate rates you will also be forced and accept would usually usury if the perfect merchant cash turn was structured even as a loan.

An individual can use that this funds in different ways; by using purchasing larger inventory to opening the new new online and / or offline store or upgrading your internet. Whatever your requirement, a website cash advance is very much your source to pumping some richness in your small business and blowing out of proportion growth in some near future. Best of all, you can renew your channel partner cash advance though needed, again!
Often the small business store can have charge effective merchant credit account which is came with by Merchant Lending. The Mediator Financing will give personalized services, easy access to moving capital, Merchant funds advances and a number other financial assistance. Small Web business Merchant Account Services offers Online Price Processing for web-based businesses including, Portable computer Processing for cellular and mail strategy businesses, Terminal Manufacturing for retail, restaurant, hospitality and many other person-to-person businesses . . EFT payment absorbing for Electronic Finances Transfer, Real minutes check payment processing, virtual terminal and real-time credit credit cards processing.
Line of Credit: Credit histories extended by a meaningful bank or budgetary institution. These flexible loans will often be a dough credit, overdraft, an important demand or expression loan, export credit, or discounting.
Merchant cash advance
Apply for your merchant cash advances offer alternative firm funding for low business operations and also are seen as a convenient route for many petite business owners. Merchants will wind up able to acquire business cash advances against their future Visa, MasterCard, European Express, or Study sales. This kind of information will teach make the work less traumatic, easier and more good for you.
One long-term commercial mortgage is appropriate suitable for many businesses the idea own commercial property. Commercial resources should be borrowed with an optimal combination of short-term and long-term advancing. It is without question wise to look long-term business funding of up to finally 30 years when a longer-term tv commercial real estate borrowing is feasible.
The money is easily available much faster versus it is that has a bank advance. Unsecured Merchant Cash Advances are specially per great option on behalf of retail and dining merchants, not primarily just because these levels of businesses can hardly be funded by the antique bank, but and also because of ones immediate liquidity and so simple process.
While we will certainly not attempt to point out the technical concepts of commercial student loan prepayment fees combined with lockout fees operating in this article, will note that the absence towards such fees with most short-term marketable mortgage loan plans is an actually positive aspect of these short-term toiling capital management preferences. If the business owner specifications to sell his or her commercial property throughout the time moment which would currently have triggered prepayment dues and lockout premiums in longer-term commercial real estate loans, the lack attached to penalties could result in a savings among 10% to 30% or more.
Which is important to work with the merchant cash provider to sit down with its business owner and simply have a frank, honest discussion as regards to the business’s investment situation. They do not choose to give their business owner any kind of more than my son can comfortably make the payment back. Has been is also very important for your business owner of be honest and so open about his/her finances.

Store Funding can you should be provided with a good solid Merchant cash advance to suppliers. Won’t pay any tool or upfront purchase.

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Mar 26 2013



Atlantis Capital is proud to fund a money transfer company in New Jersey

Atlantis Capital has created a new milestone in Wall Street by funding a money transfer company in New Jersey. The owner of Money Transfer Company excited to add “We have been in business for last three years. We were trying to get funds to open up new locations in New York, but had been declined several times by advance companies. Finally, we found Atlantis Capital which funded us within days.” Read More >>

Money transfer company

Like other retail businesses, money transfer and check cashing companies need working capital and funds to expand their business. But, there is almost no funding company to help them. Most funding companies consider this type of business as “High Risk”. But, Atlantis Capital’s business model is totally different than those advance companies. Owners of Atlantis Capital happily agreed “Our funding programs are very unique and there is always scope to get the maximum amounts of funds for any type of business despite their risk parameter”.

The underwriters at Atlantis Capital always like to think “out of box”. For instance, they have funded several times to export-import Company, travel agency and many other seasonal businesses which won’t get funds from any other funding company in USA. “We would like to set trends in business funding for other advance companies. And we love to do it again and again”- Dave, one of the most experienced sales rep at Atlantis Capital concluded.

Atlantis Capital always prides itself in helping business owners to expand their businesses while making the funding process as simple as possible.

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