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Advantages of atlantis capital

 incomparable service, best commissions, diversified products

Atlantis Capital

The Benefits of Working with Atlantis Capital

If you are interested in choosing a business partner or affiliate, then Atlantis Capital is the company that you have been looking for. Our company prides itself on a history of excellent customer service, and an experienced staff who will take the time to meet the needs of you and your clients. We offer the best commission rates within the industry because we realize the importance of being able to make money in order to grow your business. We want to see your business expand and flourish, and we will be there to help you throughout the growth process. Because we also understand that time is valuable, our application process is quick and painless, allowing you to continue with your busy schedule and avoid taking a huge chunk of time out of your day. We offer a variety of options to fund businesses that may have been considered a risk by more traditional lenders. If one of your clients has not been approved before for any reason, give us a try. Because we care so much about the people who we work with, it gives us a greater understanding of your needs and your clients’ needs. When you choose Atlantis Capital, you are choosing a much more personalized lending plan that will help your business the growth and expansion that it deserves. Give us a call today and see what it is like to work with a lender who truly cares about your business and seeing you succeed.

Differences Between Atlantis Capital and Other Cash Advance companies:

Difference Atlantis Capital Other companies

 Approval rate

 We have 95% approval rate.

 They have less approval rate than us.(Around 40%-50%)


 We have the highest commission, residuals in the  industry.

 They offer less commission than us.

 In house Lenders

 We have 7 in-house lenders, so that we can approve  deals in a super fast method.

 They have less or few in house lenders (in some case none).

 Approval time

 We approved most deals within 24 hours.

 They take 3-5 days even weeks to approve it.

 Funding time

 We fund deals within 72 hours.

 They take 5-10 days, even weeks to fund the deals.

 Approval Amount

 We offer multiple approvals with several options so that  clients get the highest possible approval amount in the  industry.

 They offer one approval which must not be the highest or best  approval in the industry.

 Sales Assistance

 We offer 24/7 sales assistance for difficult deals to close  for our agents.

 Sales assistance is inadequate compared to ours.

 Customer service

 We have 5 star customer service
 for our agents and clients.

 Most of our competitors have insufficient customer service.

 Marketing Materials

 We provide marketing ideas, tools, materials to all our  agents/ISOs.

 Most of our competitors do not offer marketing materials, tools or  ideas to generate more incomes.

 Renewal’s Rate

 We have the highest renewal rate of funded deals in the  industry (98%).Because, we offer same or more funds at  each renewal round.

 Due to lesser approval amount and unsatisfactory customer  service, most competitors have less than 45% renewal rate.

 Funding Jurisdiction

 We  fund all over USA (including California) and Canada.

 Most of our competitors do not fund all over USA (specially  California) or Canada.

 Bank Only Ach deals

 We can offer Merchant Cash Advance funds in both credit  cards and ACH programs for the same merchant so that  clients have flexibility to choose the best suited one  according to financial needs.

 Most of our competitors do not have this option.

 Bank Only Products

 We do fund up to $5 million dollars on only bank  statements  for merchants who do not process credit  cards.

 Most of our competitors do not have Bank only ACH products and  do not fund that much amount.