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Atlantis Capital is not like most ISO programs because we understand how valuable your time is. We do not waste your time with mountains of paperwork. Our understanding that your time is valuable and that when you choose us, you are choosing a company with a record of getting things done quickly and efficiently. Rather than dealing with lenders who are not within our company which will take much more time than our borrowers may have, we have lenders who work within our company, meaning that the process of obtaining a loan is quick and painless, and will get you back to your busy schedule in no time at all. The process for getting a loan is extremely simple. You start by calling your personal consultant, who will work with you and your client in order to meet your needs and make sure that your client is getting the best possible loan that they can. Within 48 hours you will receive assistance. You no longer have to deal with long wait times that can go on longer than when your client actually needed the loan. Because our staff and our lenders are dedicated to what they do and care about your clients, we have no need to waste your precious time on superfluous things that are in reality more like stalling. We get you and your clients back to business in record time, because we understand the simple phrase, “time is money”. Give us a call today to start negotiating your clients’ loans, and see the difference of working with Atlantis Capital.


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